What we do

Neurothinking is a strategic consultancy dedicated to opening up new opportunities, directions and ways of thinking for our clients.

Why ‘neuro’? Because what we have learned from neuroscience about how the mind works has opened up exciting new ways of looking at brands and markets, and how to identify new opportunities, address threats, and re-align marketing efforts to maximize success.

Neurothinking is not about lab tests and brain scans. We take the latest thinking from the neuroscience world and apply it to developing and executing marketing, brand, communications, shopper marketing, design and innovation strategies. This is where the rubber hits the road – where we can find exciting new approaches and tactics that will lift the effectiveness of what we do, as well as more new ways to set objectives and measure performance.

As well as strategic consulting, Neurothinking is dedicated to promoting neuromarketing practice and sharing knowledge through publications, seminars and workshops and self-guided learning.

We can help you with:


Addressing specific marketing, brand, communications, shopper marketing and innovation challenges by applying the latest neuromarketing principles, insights and concepts.

Process re-engineering

Re-engineering internal marketing processes and tools to move to a more agile and effective continuous strategy model.

Training, seminars and workshops

Bespoke internal training programs and workshops in neuromarketing and strategy.

Neuro-aligned market research

Replacing or augmenting out-moded consumer research techniques with more effective and cost- and time-efficient, neuromarketing-based techniques.

Marketing effectiveness

An audit of your current marketing efforts to identify new opportunities to boost their effectiveness.

Integrated path to purchase

Creating an integrated path to purchase, using neuromarketing principles to maximise integration in process and outputs.